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HaX, the new GNSS RTK rover

Specifically designed for the KickTheMap 3D mapping app, it allows you to georeference all your surveys.


Best-in-class multi-band GNSS RTK receiver.


More than 300 devices compatible.


20 hours of operation.


3D mapping and points capture from a distance.


Centimeter-level positioning for a better 3D reconstruction.


Scan and Georeference

Cloud Processing

Visualise, Draw, Store and Export your data

A unique web platform for your projects



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  • 150Pictures/job
  • Up to 5jobs
  • No support
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  • UnlimitedPictures
  • UnlimitedJobs
  • BasicSupport
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  • 2000Pictures overall
  • UnlimitedJobs
  • AdvancedSupport
  • 0.09/extra picture

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  • 5000Pictures overall
  • UnlimitedJobs
  • AdvancedSupport
  • 0.07/extra picture

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The mobile app allows users to capture data in their environment and upload them to the KickTheMap cloud. After processing time, the 3D model is delivered on our web platform (my.kickthemap.com) and the user is notified by email. Every user has a secured access to all its 3D models.

Delivery time mainly depends on the amount of uploaded data, but projects containing less than 1000 pictures have a guaranteed delivery time of 24 hours.

The KickTheMap app captures only still pictures and some geospatial data in order to facilitate the 3D reconstruction. The app does not require a previous experience in photogrammetry or 3D modelling since it automatically takes pictures, based on device movement.

No video is captured whatsoever by the app, since still images are way lighter and better quality than video frames for 3D recontruction.

Accuracy highly depends on many factors such as device camera sensor, lighting, device/target distance and data quality (no fast movement, no quick rotations...). In nominal conditions, a relative error of 3 cm / 1.2 inch (Root Mean Square Error) can be expected. Contact us at info@kickthemap.com, if you want to know more about nominal conditions and accuracy.

The new GNSS RTK Rover Hax allows to directly georeference all your surveys. Get it touch with us for more info.

If you do not own the Hax, the KickTheMap app has a very unique feature to accurately capture ground control points in order to georeference 3D models. At least 3 control points are required, well spread around the area of interest. Coordinates related to control points can be uploaded on the web platform afterwards to start the 3D reconctruction.

If you do not have control points, you can still scale your model with a scale bar to ensure that a good relative accuracy is reached.

The web platform allows to visualise, measure (distances and volumes), draw features (with attributes) and export objects to third party software such as AutoCAD or GIS software.

It is definitely not mandatory to use our platform since you can also download raw point clouds in .las format and use them in your existing workflow.