The new end-to-end photogrammetry service for mobile

3D Mapping has never been so easy.

A new mobile app that simplifies all your 3D projects by saving time and money to get your job done.

All projects

No matter the size or the type of your project, KickTheMap is able to capture an extensive amount of pictures.

For everyone

No skills required, the app guides you and works for you.

Georeferenced data

3D models can be accurately georeferenced with an easy in-app control points management.

Professional customer platform

3D models are accessible in a customer plateform that has been designed to meet professional standards of civil engineers, surveyors or architects.

A cost-saving solution

Our workflow is up to 3 times cheaper than traditional methods.

Gain of time

Quick on-site data aquisition and quick turnaround time for data delivery.

KickTheMap guarantees the quality of the deliverables. As all projects differ from one another, KickTheMap can provide multiple outputs such as CAD, Orthophotos, 3D mesh or BIM.

Textured 3D model

The Myth of Sisyphus by Kick The Map on Sketchfab

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